UK Bingo Tax Cuts Supported by MPs

UK Bingo Tax Cuts Supported by MPs

Written by: ava carson on 20/01/2014 14:55

Concerns over bingo halls collapsing in the UK due to high taxes has prompted campaigners to urge the government for a cut.

Close to 400 Bingo halls offered Free Bingo over the weekend in an effort to support the tax reduction.
There are more than 50 MPs backing calls in an effort to reduce taxes. Bingo profits are 20% taxed, 5% higher than other forms of gambling.

According to Miles Baron of the Bingo Association investing is important stating:

"By building new clubs and investing in new clubs, attendances would improve that would generate more income, that would generate new taxes, that would employ more people ... this is at the heart of the community, this is a vital and important part of some people's social repertoire."

The bingo tax will help cut the budget deficit that is a primary concern and the Government will have to reconsider the reduction carefully before making a decision.
Labor MP Jim Cunningham said:

"The implications can be that some of these places may have to close because they're not profitable and if that happens then there is a problem for some of these elderly people, during the day in particular, to find somewhere else to go."

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