UIGEA Battle Wages On

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/07/2008 03:00

The UIGEA bill has certainly carried some major controversy with it and the latest little snippet from America is that a leading professor at McGill University has accused Spencer Bachus of manipulating facts and details of research conducted by the university in a bid to make that research appear as though it supported the UIGEA bill.

In reality, the research was very minor and did not concentrate at all on whether or not Internet gambling was causing problem gambling or gambling addiction in any way. These are the facts that Spencer Bachus attempted to claim by allegedly misrepresenting the actual findings of the unrelated study.

If online gambling is not regulated in a country then there is no official way to study its effects on the residents of that country. As such, any research that has been conducted has been conducted on tiny sample groups and is not even usually geared towards the apparent problem at hand.

Those that support regulation of the industry argue that without regulation nobody can be certain whether online gambling really does have a negative effect. Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky of McGill University has himself suggests that regulation would be the most sensible approach. The argument continues, and is likely to do so for some considerable time.

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