Twist and Shout in Your Musical Bingo Seats

Twist and Shout in Your Musical Bingo Seats

Written by: ava carson on 11/10/2011 09:45

As if bingo isn’t exciting enough, players may find themselves doing the twist not on the dance floor, but in their bingo seats.

On October 14th at 8pm, Musical Bingo makes its way to Balham Club. It is bingo like never played before with all the excitement of normal bingo but with one very fun filled exception. Instead of the typical numbers being called out, tunes will be heard with American presenter Jess Indeedy and DJ Helix.

Bingo players will cross off songs as they are played to win special prizes like cupcakes, toaster and gig tickets. The musical selection is vast with a collection that includes Motown, hip hop and rock tunes.

The musical husband and wife team have been on tour and entertaining since 2007 at festivals, clubs and London venues.

Cost of the tickets to participate in this one of a kind event is £5.

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