Turn Your Pennies Into Pounds at Little Big Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/10/2009 07:08

Penny power is guaranteed when you play at Little Big Bingo, because this is where you are going to turn your pennies into pounds! In fact you could be turning your pennies in 1000 pounds in the Penny Power Guaranteed jackpot. This is the big game played on a Friday night, so you have nearly a week to get signed up at the site and some practice games in. This superb games takes place at 9pm and your tickets cost just 1p each!! Have you ever heard of the like; £1000 has to be won?

If you play at this site on a Wednesday, you also get 10% cash back on the fabulous instant games and they have classic slots, multi-line slots, super slots, scratches and table games on offer.

Little Big Bingo is the Lucky Penny site and 1p games take place every 2 hours from 11am. These have jackpot prized that start at £20 and increase during the course of the day till the last game is played at 11pm. This has a super £50 prize in the pot and these games are guaranteed, so they have to be won. There is a minimum buy-in of ten tickets, but for 10p, what more could you ask. There’s not a lot of stuff that can be bought with 10p let alone a penny!

Tuppence Treats start at 3:30pm and also run every two hours, the big game to play features at 9:30pm and this is because there is £100 in the prize pot. Again these are guaranteed games and this means that someone is guaranteed to win.

Today is Saturday and Little Big Bingo gives away stupid amounts of points in the chat games, don’t miss the party, it starts at 8pm and it costs you nothing to play in these games, they are great fun and the Penny Points you win, will buy you lots of free bingo.

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