Turn Heads, Get Behind the Wheel of a Brand New Wink Bingo Mini!!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 31/12/2009 17:17

There is no news at either Wink Bingo or any other UK bingo site at the moment that will overshadow the fact that the brand new and sexy Mini Cooper is scheduled to be given away this New Years Day at 9pm. As far as I can see this is the last big prize to be given away for the Christmas and New Years festivities, although Wink’s sister site Posh has got some whoppers lined up for a bit later in January. Check those at the site so you know what to expect. But for now let’s concentrate on the Mini.

At this late stage in the game it is a bit craze to madly rush around trying to scratch points together to get free tickets into the game, although you are welcome to if you want. I would say, just pay the fiver and buy the ticket, then you can relax knowing that at least you have one chance of winning. Of course I have no idea how many tickets have been purchase to win the Mini, so we can’t even hazard a guess what the odds of winning would be. But remember that Bingo is a completely random number game, so no matter what the odds are; the outcome of the game cannot be influenced, not by any amount of skill! The only thing to do is imagine yourself winning, feel lucky and buy a ticket – let luck do the rest!

As this is a 90 ball bingo game, it is not a case of winner takes all, not unless they get a hat trick in which case they will win £1 500 and the Mini. Enough to make them want to be a member of Wink Bingo for life I should imagine.

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