Toss a Pancake at City Bingo

Toss a Pancake at City Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/03/2011 17:05
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We all love Pancake Day, don’t we? But wouldn’t it be a lot easier to flip those little fellows over if we had, for example, an official Jamie Oliver 4 piece pan set? Oh, hang on a sec…

Get Ready to Flip those Pancakes in Style

The City Bingo site is the place where you will find this scrumptious deal on offer and if you don’t already know on what date Pancake Day falls this year then it is the date of the game; the 8th of March 2011.

The City Bingo Pancake Day special kicks off at 8.30pm and if you want to pre buy your tickets then just head off to the Pancake Day tab on the site. The cards only cost a penny and you can buy up to 96 of them. The winner in the game will be the first person who manages to bingo on the P pattern.

If you aren’t a big pancake fan, or a Jamie Oliver fan for that matter, you can ask for the cash equivalent to be popped into your account instead. Otherwise, you’ll have a cracking new pan set winging its way to you.

Break the Bank

This isn’t the only offer on the City Bingo site, and another which caught our eye is their offer to let us Break the Bank. With this deal you need to make a deposit and you will be able to access the the Break the Bank tab and blow up the bank to win cash, City points or other bonuses. Sounds like it should be a fun game to take part in.

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