Top Ten Bingo Loses Two Clubs

Top Ten Bingo Loses Two Clubs

Written by: Glo Wood on 28/03/2013 15:50

In the midst of tax increases on bingo, yet another bingo hall closed. A Milford Haven bingo hall held its final session on Sunday.

In fact, there are two Top Ten Bingo clubs that have shut their doors. Assistant manager at the Milford Haven branch Nathan Griffiths confirmed that business was suffering and closure of the club was no surprise.

Griffiths said: “A lot of customers are gutted because they’ve been coming here for a long time, but unfortunately, it has been coming for years. It’s a big shame, because there won’t be any Bingo clubs left around here, and the closest one will be Swansea.”

Milford Haven Business Circle chairman Lynne Turner said: “Although we are always sorry to hear of any businesses closing in the area, at least two new businesses will be opening in Milford Haven in the very short term, and a further business – formerly West Coast Clothing – will be staying in local hands.

“So it’s not all negative.

We are fighting really hard for a positive way forward to smarten the town up. It’s a complex issue, and we need to get more people to work together and sing from the same hymn sheet.”

She also said: “With the economy struggling, and the continuing draw of out of town retail parks, it is becoming harder to sustain the independent high street. But it is at the heart of the community, and also employs a serious number of people from that community.

“With the support of each other, working towards a common goal and taking small steps to achieve it, I hope we can make simple changes that will start to impact on how the wider public view our town.

“The Business Circle is actively looking to get people to work together in the town centre, and we’re calling for local businesses, Pembrokeshire County Council, and other bodies to get involved with the redevelopment of our town.

“We hope that local businesses get on board and back us, and the small steps we take to improve the environment will be respected and supported by local people as well.”

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