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Written by: kelly on 04/06/2010 15:05
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Tombola Bingo is certainly the site for the jackpot chasers and it tells, a few moments ago when we visited Tombola Bingo, 3502 players were live online simultaneously. This site has grown out of all proportion with reality and this is hardly surprising when you consider some of the winners and what they have won. In the UK online bingo community, good news travels fast.

In the last two weeks, "JenJue" from Lancashire won £13 564 on Bingo 90. She said she still feels like she is dreaming. "Lambgirl" from Port Talbot was as jealous as mad because her husband keeps winning at Tombola Bingo and he recently won £1000! Then lo and behold as she played Bingo 50, she also won £1000, by winning in just 13 numbers! It looks like this lot keeps it in the family. However, her winnings are earmarked for a new laptop because she spilt a drink on hers. "JPchaser" has been up at the site before as a winner and oops, she just won another £1000 on Cinco.

More recently "snakeyedi" won £9 496 on Bingo 90 and was laughing, crying and shaking all at the same time when it happened, and "my2cherubs" won £2 000 on Cinco. All she had to say was OMG, over and over again, but is going to enjoy spending her money on the kids and some re-decorating.

All of these winners and many more make up what Tombola Bingo is really about. A BIG winning UK bingo site! There are more big winners on bingo games here than at any other site, and in general, we only see regular wins like this on slots games.

It is hard to believe that they only got into the end user bingo industry because Sun Bingo dumped them as their software company.  We bet a penny to a pound that Tombola Bingo Execs are saying thank goodness Sun dumped them!

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