Tombola Bingo Shoots Bumpers for Emmerdale

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/10/2009 06:12

Some time back there was a call from Tombola Bingo for members who would like to appear in the Emmerdale bumpers they are producing. This falls in line with the fact that the site is going to be sponsoring this popular UK soapie, and they had quite a few enthusiastic applicants, but not enough men. So they put out another call for Tombola men to apply and now with more than 700 applicants they have more than enough to meet their requirements.

Currently they are still busy processing the applicants and making selections, but the shoots are due to take place on the 24th October and 3rd November. Hopefully in the next few days they will be able to notify the successful applicants. Keep your fingers crossed and hope you get that phone call! They will also be posting this information on the site so our curiosity will also be satisfied. When they have the shoot, they will also have a group of their CM’s attending so the lucky winners are going to get to meet the people who keep them entertained online at Tombola.

This is all terribly exciting news, but not surprising as Tombola bingo just happens to be one of the most exciting online Bingo sites in the UK. They have a lot in the news as they also had some incredible winners last week, and it looks like Bingo 90 is the game to play. Regular player 'ned55hgv' from Ashford was in the luck again and walked off with a healthy £25,207 prize on Tuesday. '6magpies' from Surrey was also playing this game and won £10,493 on Thursday, while 'paul128' from Reading won £14,442 on Saturday. There was also a winner of £20,000 in Cinco and 'luckydean' from West Sussex isn’t half lucky, look at the fantastic prize he won!!

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