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Written by: kelly on 20/07/2010 08:35
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If you would like to get the chance to play for a prize of up to £500 free every week, then you must get on over to Tombola Bingo, one of the biggest and best bingo site on the net. This game is the free bingo game the site offers every week and as long as you are a member and have spent £2 in the preceding week, you can play Lucky Pick on Monday and Tuesday for seven chances to match the cash prizes and win! Every other day of the week you have six opportunities to reveal a cash prize, so what are you waiting for, register today and play some of the most unique and biggest paying of all UK bingo games.

There is Bingo Roulette and you would be right in thinking this game is a hybrid of Bingo and Roulette. There are also chances to win massive prizes in this game and £10000 in cash is won regularly. Then there is Cinco, Tombola Bingo is famous for Cinco; this is the game that makes more big winners than many others and there is nothing unusual about winning £1 000 on this game. There is nothing unusual about winning £5000 on this game and there is also nothing too peculiar about winning £20 000 either, as this is the top prize. It is regularly won and the last £20 000 winner was "jammy_sammy?x" from Warwickshire.

Cinco is a card-based game and it's pronounced "sinko". Tombola Bingo is the only site that you will find this game playing and they have the rights to the game. It is a popular favourite and can be played in one of twelve different rooms; each featuring different priced tickets. These start at 10p and increase to 20p and 40p each. This is a glitzy, glamorous game and last week they also had a £5 182 winner who was "gemtastic08" from Ayr.

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