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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/03/2010 21:31

Tombola Bingo has been hot to trot with new games in recent times and one of these it the all new Footy Coupon. They have not had a chat room in this game, I suppose they are seeing how it goes and playing it by ear. But plenty of roomies have been sending shouts in the shout box, so they have decided to open a chat room in this game. The new chat room will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 midday till 12 midnight for the time being, but now you can have a good old chat too when you play Footy Coupon on the weekend.

Everyone’s a Winner is the latest big free promotion at Tombola Bingo. Millions of vouchers have been placed in popular UK magazines and members have been signing up left, right and centre to claim their prizes. Each voucher entitles the holder to a free scratchy which contains anything from a fiver in bonus money to a £12 000 car! So far the car hasn't been won, but 35 000 people have already played and one lucky player stands out as having won £500 with the free fiver she won on her scratchie. I am pretty sure we are going to be hearing lots more stories like this soon!

There has been another Tombola Bingo £20,000 Cinco winner in recent times and "jpchaser" was the latest to scoop up the prize. She has got an appropriate alias, hasn't she? This winner is from Swindon and regardless of the fact that she calls herself a jackpot chaser, she was pretty darn shocked when she won. She and hubby are going to enjoy a well deserved holiday with this money, but I am sure it will stretch a lot further than one holiday!! What's the bet that they go somewhere sunny?

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