Tombola Bingo In Trouble With ASA

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/03/2010 14:41

It has been simply ages since I have seen an online bingo site in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority. Back in the day when white listing and open advertising was new there were sites in trouble all over the place. In fact Paddy Power was regularly in hot water!

This time it is Tombola Bingo's turn and they are in trouble over the fact that an ad depicts a black man repeating what a whit man says, to music, you may have seen it? The ruling states that it breaches an ASA code regarding "harmful or negative stereotypes". However Tombola has pulled the ad and Clearcast, the ad company responsible have said it was not meant to be offensive. Of course it wasn't meant to be offensive, but nevertheless I suppose that is what the ASA is there for, they do have to earn their salaries.

In the meantime you can still have fun when you play at Tombola Bingo, it is the biggest winning site in the UK and you can play all kinds of games at this site, you won't find anywhere else. They are also the sponsors of Emmerdale and this shows just how hugely popular the site is, so don't you worry ASA or no, Tombola Bingo is not going anywhere just yet.

They offer games such as Cinco, Bingo Roulette, Hamster Race, Battleships, Rollercoaster Footy Coupon and their new free bingo game Treasure Map. They also offer all the regular type bingo games such as Bingo 90, 80 and 75 and have a big bingo winners list, like I have seen at no other site.

Cinco is popularly played and is one of the big winning games with £10 000 prizes and more up for grabs. They take the time to be innovative about their games and also offer one of the most active and friendly online bingo communities in the UK.

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