Tombola Bingo – A Bunch of Perfectionists!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/11/2009 16:27

The fact that the Tombola Bingo operators are a bunch of perfectionists shows in every aspect of this site. But we have all been holding our breaths and waiting for the Emmerdale bumpers which are already supposed to be out. You do know that Tombola is going to be the new sponsor of Emmerdale? Well if you didn’t, you do now! But what makes all of this so exciting is the fact that the site advertised for members who would like to appear in the bumpers, these were chosen and are going to be the people we see in the ads.

Unfortunately until they are completely happy with these and they have received the necessary tweaks required, we have to wait till the 16th November to see them. So in the mean time, make sure you keep busy and get your daily free bingo Lucky Dip, play some Bingo 90 and the all popular Cinco, egg your hammy on as he races down the field to a win in Hamster Race and wait!

Everyone has worked really hard on the Emmerdale bumpers and they really don’t want to rush their and your (if you are a member you are part of this site) grand entrance into the world of Showbiz, and this is really going to be worth the wait.

Remember the first Tombola Bingo ads, with the little balls and the rollercoaster on a planet that was an entire fun fair. And the newest ads on the beautiful Island of Mauritius, these were brilliant so the Ennerdale bumpers will also be brilliant.

If you aren’t a member of Tombola Bingo, you really should check out this site, every single game is unique, and more than £3 million worth of prize money is given away every week. If you want to get your chare you have to be a member, so why not register today?

Play at tombola!

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