Tombola Big Links Games Winners Tombola Big Links Games Winners

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/01/2010 14:02

There have been tons of winners at Tombola Bingo in the big celebratory Links Games promotion they hosted for the first week in January. There was an entire week of £2000 guaranteed prize games and thirty five of these played in total. One lucky winner “navylady” from Portsmouth (where else?), because not only did she win a £2 000 guaranteed links prize, she also won a £4,624 jackpot prize. Now what a way to start the New Year is that?

But as there was loads of prizes, there was also loads of winners at Tombola Bingo and £2,000 guaranteed full house prizes also went to “xifonlyx”, “mummzie”, “nannykay” and many more winners. There was also some shared prizes (this happens when there is more than one winning ticket in a bingo game) and “ladyluck798”, “pavilion” and “vicky1” all shared the £2,000 prize, each winning £666. If you are still snowed there are still lots of prizes up for grabs at this site in lots of different games.

The games are so different at Tombola Bingo that you won’t find them at any other online bingo site, so if you haven’t had a look at the site yet, now’s the time to take a peek. There were also two very lucky recent Bingo Roulette (one of the special games you don’t find anywhere else) winners and both “elaine17” from Aberdare and “bird1072” from Nottingham ended the old and started the New Year with a bang as they both won an amazing £10 000 each. “bird1072” said at the time of her big win that she couldn’t reply to all the congratulations she was getting from roomies and the CM’s as her hands were shaking so much. Tombola bingo is rapidly becoming one of the most popular bingo sites in the UK, when you look at these winners’ it is easy to see why.

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