To Mum, With Love at RedBus Bingo

To Mum, With Love at RedBus Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 03/04/2011 13:25
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This weekend is a time to look after your mum, and winning some great prizes for her at RedBus Bingo seems like a jolly good way of doing it.

You Could Get a Top Gift for Mum

The “To Mum, With Love” promo takes place today (Sunday the 3rd of April) and all you have to do is be one of the two players to bingo most on the number 45, or wager yjr most money on the Beez Knees games throughout the day. The prize is a Cath Kidston luxury sewing kit, which a lot of mums would be delighted to get their little hands on.

Another good idea on the RedBus Bingo site is the prize of a beautiful bunch of flowers for the player who bingos the most on the flower pattern today. This is called the Motherly Love Special Promo, and like the previous deal it runs from 00.01 to 23.59 today.

If you need to top up your RedBus Bingo account in order to get playing over the weekend then do it today or tomorrow and get an 85% bonus just by typing the promo code CLOWN as you put down your cash. This will work on deposits between a tenner and £100.

With all that extra cash you will probably want to find some other games to play, and the Runners Delight deal is also running today. You get £20 in bingo funds just by being the person who manages to bingo the most on the trainer pattern during the course of the day.

Keep the running theme going, the Road Runner promo is also on the go today and will be giving away £15 of cash to the 2 people who wager the most money on the instant game called Wheel of Fortune.


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