To Download or Not to Download, That is the Question

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/12/2009 17:49

If to download or not to download is the question, then what is the answer, perhaps Flash Technology. It is all really a matter of personal preference but online bingo players really don’t have to download games any longer to get the best possible graphic and sound experience. Flash technology has advanced to such a degree that playing bingo at any site is a fantastically interactive experience. Flash allows the player to play the game in an instant. This and the combination of high speed broadband, has made playing online bingo a whole new gaming experience.

While some sites are only able to be played if the software is downloaded, this has become the exception rather than the rule. 3D technology is what makes these the exception however, I believe that downloading will soon be completely outdated. The only online bingo network that I know of which still makes use of download software is Leapfrog gaming, and although these sites are pretty magnificent, the actual difference in the game is being able to be inside of it, as a computerized representation, or avatar. This makes the whole experience more life-like, or interactive if you like.

Some experts also believe that by downloading software online financial transactions will be safer, but with 128-bit SSL encryptions methods, there is very little which can get through this baby.

Flash sites are definitely the fastest and easiest way to play online bingo, but you have to have the latest flash software downloaded onto your PC too. Fortunately online bingo site do have a link to this or will tell you where it can be fond, so no matter how much you are told that a bingo site is no-download, there is always some download involved. At one stage in the short life of online bingo, most sites offered you the choice of both these options. This is fast becoming left by the wayside and only the one if offered.

Sites such as Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo, Think Bingo, Posh Bingo and Tombola Bingo all make use of Flash technology, so if you are not sure what we are talking about here, just take a look at one of these sites, and the way the games play.

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