Tidy Bingo Picks Up its Sword For England and St George!

Tidy Bingo Picks Up its Sword For England and St George!

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 21/04/2014 10:50
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If it’s not too personal a question, Tidy Bingo would like to know how sharp your lance is. The lively new site are following their month-long celebration of Welsh patron saint, St David, by dedicating April to England’s hero, St George. There are prizes, of course, and there’s still plenty of time to get involved – all you have to do is play.

The game celebrates St George’s greatest reported feat, the slaying of dragons. With a lack of real dragons on the internet (Apple are said to be working on one, it won’t be long), Tidy are forced to find an alternative for their players to slay.

The appropriate number then is that of St George’s day, celebrated each year on April 23. Pattern players get a chance too, with a sword pattern offering a chance to spear points too. All you need to do is play Tidy’s games and each time you win on the sword pattern you’ll be credited 10 dragon-slaying points; win a full house bingo completed on number 23 and you’ll get five. Come the end of April the player with the most points takes the prizes.

The treasure horde this dragon is hiding is all as English as a game of cricket that’s so wet the boat race can use the pitch for a course! You’ll get the chance to name a rose, play 3D puzzles, use English tableware while wearing St George cross aprons and tucking into your Betty’s tea and biscuits gift set! Oh, and there’s a cuddly toy of course.

The leader board is on the Tidy Blog, so saddle up your charger, find a fair maid (or fit bloke if you prefer) to rescue and gallop on over to Tidy. New arrivals will be greeted with a minimum 200% first deposit bonus.

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