Tidy Bingo For The Boys

Tidy Bingo For The Boys

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 06/01/2014 11:05
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When you think of the game of bingo, one of the last images that may spring to mind would be a front line soldier excitedly daubing away at their bingo tickets. However, bingo is a popular pastime for squaddies, which is why Tidy Bingo has sent a package of bingo equipment and prizes to British soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan.

The guys and gals at Tidy Bingo decided that they would organise a Christmas Day bingo game for the troops, by sending a kit that was filled with everything needed for a good old game. As we all know, nothing cheers you up like a good old game of bingo.

The bingo package was sent via the British Military’s BFPO service a couple of weeks before Christmas and it was confirmed as arriving in time for the planned Christmas Day game. The bingo kit contained the following equipment and prizes:

Packs of bingo tickets

A pack of bingo markers

A Tidy Bingo t-shirt

A box of chocolates

An iTunes voucher

Thanks to Tidy Bingo, the Christmas Day bingo game went ahead and now, some poor sod in Afghanistan is wandering around wearing a Tidy Bingo t-shirt!

It’s nice to see online bingo sites performing acts of charity and it’s especially nice to see these gestures from sites that have only been operating for five months! However, Tidy Bingo has been an instant hit across the net, which is no surprise if they’re as generous and thoughtful to their players as they are to the serving British soldiers in Afghanistan.

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