Three Caught in Four Year Stealing Spree Involving Bingo

Three Caught in Four Year Stealing Spree Involving Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 10/06/2015 10:55

A church and a bingo hall go hand in hand. Throw in a dentist office and things get go haywire and are definitely out of place.

Masterminding a plot and getting away with it for a number of years eventually caught up with them as investigators busted them wide open.

Three people have been arrested in a scheme to embezzle from 2011 to 2014. It was a plot that went on for years that involved a San Jose church.

According to the prosecution suspect Nadine Marcias stole over 360 in insurance checks from her employer, a dentist. She then took the stolen checks to Tofatolu Congregational Church in East San Jose.

“Ms. Marcias was embezzling insurance checks from her employer. Turning it around and cashing them out at a bingo hall,” Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Julie Sousa told KPIX 5.

The Bingo hall was completely oblivious as well as the church. During the investigation it was concluded that Macias had help and was an inside job. Alleged suspects who had a hand in it include Church treasurer Sal Salanoa and Secretary Tony Leulu.

“The checks would be cashed in exchange for a ‘tip’ to the employee cashing the check. And then a requirement on her part to support the bingo hall or church fundraiser,” Sousa said.

The three together embezzeled more than $300,000 in stolen insurance checks before it was discovered by the Marcia’s boss became increasing suspicious.

“He began to inquire with the insurance companies, ‘Did you send me the check for this? And if not, when can I receive it? That’s when he learned that those checks had been paid and that they had been cashed out,” Sousa said.

Marcias didn’t deny charges ultimately confessing to investigators. She also was helpful in helping the investigation along by a paper trail she had left over the four year period.

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