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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/01/2010 20:47

A little guidance into all the opportunities life holds never goes remiss and Tea and Bingo has created the perfect opportunity for its members to take advantage of this guidance. Not only do they offer lea leaf readings by Madam Tracy Bags – tea leaf reader extraordinaire, they have also arranged for a visit from star gazer to the stars, the one and only Russell Grant.

The excitement happens today, the 8th January and he will be paying a visit to the chat room in the Frog and Crown while you are enjoying your bingo between 8 and 9pm. You will be able to chat to him about your star sign and whatever else floats your boat, and what a rare treat this will be!

Tea and Bingo have also inveigled Mr. Grant into providing five personalized star charts for winners and three winners of these will be selected tonight in the Frog and Crown between 9 and 11pm. You have to play in the “Stars in Your Eyes” Quiz with CM Peppi and she is going to be asking lots of questions related to astrology. The top three points earners will win, so play if you know your astrology and your 2010 may be guided by the best advice anyone can give. Two more star charts go to the best new Years resolution stories sent to the site.

Russell Grant has over thirty years of experience in the astrology field, he is the official astrologer to many online bingo sites, has more than 400 horoscope columns and has written more than 50 books! He has also been the personal astrologer to the Queen Mum, Princess Diana, Tom Jones and even Beyonce and Britney Spears.

Tea and Bingo also offers free bingo, great links games, super surveys to participate in, lots of advice on tea and bingo and a great variety of other games to play.

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