Think Bingo Not in Business to Create Problem Gamblers?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/12/2009 22:58

After information released by the NHS stating they would provide free child care for women seeking treatment for gambling addictions, a slew of news items relating to online bingo playing and how it may be contributing to these problems have been released online. The problem appears to be that the women who have these problems are blaming online bingo and gaming.

The MD of Cashcade, Simon Collins has keenly stressed that they are not in business to manipulate players into picking up bad gaming habits. Cashcade is the parent company of big brand bingo name Think Bingo, and other recognizable brands.

I have to agree with Mr. Collins, there is no way that any bingo business online or otherwise would go into business to create gambling addicts, it makes no sense. No more than an off-sales or pub goes into business to create alcoholics or pharmaceutical company to create drug habits! But shit happens and people are to blame, it just so happens to be more convenient to blame the problem than themselves.

All online bingo companies, including Think Bingo have exactly the same safeguards in place that any land based gambling activities have, perhaps even more so. They fall in line with the Gambling Act, offer members access to self limiting accounts and features regarding their spend. Warn people about the dangers involved with spending more than they can afford and provide them with access to Gamcare.

Online bingo sites such as Think Bingo do have an 80% female audience and yes this audience has income decision making power. But they also have the ability to “Think”, I am a woman and I “Think”. I say, “OK I have £50 in my bingo budget, that’s it”, I rarely even spend my budget of £50 because of the fact that so much free stuff is available. PEOPLE are the problem, and if there was no bingo at all in the UK there may well be 250,000 to as many as 600,000 extra people with a drink or drug problem!

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