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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/08/2009 02:00
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The online bingo site, Think Bingo Cosy was launched a year ago. Back then, people must have thought why they would need another online bingo site when there are already a number of great online bingo sites out there. But as it turns out, Think Bingo Cosy was actually pretty popular and is one of the favorite online bingo sites in the UK. They’ve done pretty well over the past year.

They’ve launched several online bingo promotions for the past year that has gotten them to where they are today. Now, as they turned one year old, they have decided to change their name. You’ve probably already read about it in the past few days. But if you haven’t, Think Bingo Cosy has rebranded their site and is now called Little Big Bingo. This is the new transformation they have made for turning one in the online bingo business. But what lead to this new name? What was the history behind the rebranding? As you probably have read previously, this is not the first time they changed their name. So a lot of you bingo lovers and even members of Think Bingo Cosy, are wondering what lead to another rebranding.

Well, for those who don’t know the background of Think Bingo Cosy, it was first called Think Bingo Plus. It was first named that way because it was a twin website of Think Bingo. Think Bingo launched this twin online bingo site but then they have moved into a different direction. They totally changed what the website was started for. They became an independent site and then later named Think Bingo Cosy. And now that they’ve been in the business for a year, they eventually rebranded to their new name, Little Big Bingo. After all, they are no longer pushing through the first plan of making a Think Bingo twin. So that’s probably why they decided to let go of the “Think Bingo Cosy” name.

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