Think Bingo Closes Forum

Think Bingo Closes Forum

Written by: ava carson on 30/07/2012 19:00
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When Think Bingo opened its virtual doors there was an innovative and brand new concept not often seen in typical online bingo sites. The bright idea was a forum for bingo players to commence. Bingo is more than a game and it is the social properties that draw a strong bingo community of players. It was a creative invention that seemed for the most part would take off like gang busters.

That simply is not the case at least for Think bingo who on 20th June this year closed the forum doors to customers members and decided to instead focus attention on the social media. A post on the Facebook fan page for Think Bingo explains its reasoning:

“There were a few reasons for the forum closure .. but mainly because in 2005 when the forum was opened it was unique and was an integral part of Think Bingo’s community. Facebook and other forms of social networking were still relatively unknown and the forum was usually buzzing with activity. But now that times have changed and that a lot of people are now using social networking sites, we have decided to move with the times and open this new Facebook page”.

This may sound a bit confusing to the bingo consumer when in fact a forum is a social network. But then again moving into a high powered market of social media like any corporate world leaders removes the small sectors and replaces it with a much larger audience. And then we all wonder what happened to all the “ma and pa” shops that held the close knit charm that the huge corporations can’t match.

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