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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/02/2010 10:23

If you are already a member of Think Bingo, then you probably already know about all the super special offers they have available for members. But if you are not and you are looking for a site to join, this could be just the right site. The pre-purchase specials at Think are a big deal, they give away wads of cash giant LCD TVs, Home Cinema Systems, Laptops and even digicams and this happens every week. So think smart and make sure these are the games you play. You can’t miss out because tickets can be pre-purchased.

The Thursday Thriller is one of the big ones and every Thursday at 9pm, Think Bingo gives away a £1000 Guaranteed jackpot. Bingo tickets cost 25p for this game and a minimum buy in of four tickets is required. Movie Madness is the game to play for the TV or Home Cinema System and this is the Friday game at 9pm. Tickets in this game cost a pound each, and for a prize of a 40” flat screen TV, that is pretty good going to my way of thinking.

The Thin Bingo Saturday Special sees the cash prize rising even higher and the guaranteed jackpot is £2000 in 90 ball bingo. At £1 per card, where else do you want to be on a Saturday night at 9pm? The Laptops and Digicams are up for grabs on a Sunday at 9pm, and bingo tickets again cost a pound each, so don’t miss your chance of winning any of these great prizes, it will make your week. These games run every single week, come rain or shine, so there are plenty of chances to make plenty of winners and only at Think Bingo, the site where true big thinkers play.

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