There’s Much More Than Meets the Eye at Gala Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/11/2009 21:49

Gala Bingo is so much more than an online bingo site, this is the site where you get to play bingo online, on your mobile and even on TV. Take a look at Gala TV, the promotions are brilliant, the presenters fantastic and their guest bingo callers are Brian Gillat, Brett Hyjrak (now there’s a good British name for you?) and Peter Winterton, all bingo callers of note.

Brian Gillat calls at the Burnly Gala Bingo Club and started out as a bingo caller when he got a part time job at an independent bingo hall. He say he wanted to be a caller to get into the limelight and he certainly got that, millions of people have been entertained by him.

Presenters of the show are Anthony Heywood who is a real card! He says the most romantic thing he has ever done was buy a girl a platinum and diamond ring, and a month later she left the country. He also says that his lucky number is 670,616,629.3844, so he is definitely in the right gameJ. He keeps company in presenting the games with Cat Porter, Chris Parker, Katy Pullinger, Mike Mason and Yasmin Khan and what a good looking lot they are.

Gala Bingo TV has a wonderful promotion on offer this month, and if you know anyone you believe deserves a special Christmas treat, they are asking you to let them know. This is the Festive Full House promo and it is only for Gala customers, but there are enough of them, yes? The three winners have to be the most deserving and they will be presented with their special gifts by Mike Mason as well as appear on TV. It’s up to you to send in their story and the gifts will be tailor made, so this makes it even more special. The games are fantastic on Gala TV and you can even play free bingo.

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