The Social impact of Online Bingo

The Social impact of Online Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/05/2011 19:50
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Have you made the move from a traditional bingo hall to an online bingo site yet? According to research from Virgin Bingo almost 70% of players have already done this.

Play Some Games, Makes Some Friends and Get Married?

The survey which was carried out by Virgin Bingo gives us some interesting results and a fascinating insight into the way that modern methods of wagering affects our social lives. They provided a list of questions to 647 customers and got some great replies back.

When asked about making friends through online bingo a very healthy 44% of players said that they had built up what they would class as genuine friendships. 18% of online bingo players went further and said that they had met their wagering friends in real life.

You might not think of the likes of the Virgin Bingo site as being a place to solve your personal problems, but more than 1 in 5 players replied that they use the site to share problems and discuss their family life with other users.

Overall, a little more than a third of players stated that online bingo had given them an improved social life. In fact, four of the players surveyed have got involved in romances through online bingo and one player even has a wedding coming up, which owes a great deal to Virgin Bingo.

The exact figure for people who have completely replaced their local bingo hall with the online version is 69% and reasons for doing this include the lack of transport issues, cost and health reasons. There is no doubt that online bingo playing is here to stay but we were pleasantly surprised to see that so many people have already felt a positive impact in their lives because of it.

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