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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/05/2009 03:00
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One of the many online bingo networks in the UK is Minxy Bingo. Recently, they held a poll in order to determine who they will crown as their number 1 minx in the country. Thus, Minxy Bingo let onepoll.com to conduct a survey to see who will be their super secret minx. Onepoll.com asked two thousand women to see who they think is the celebrity who is the minxiest of them all. They asked the responders to rate celebrities with regards to “minxiness”. They define the term as someone who is cheeky, confident, fun, and of course sexy. They even asked who has the “minxiest twinkle in their eye”. So let’s find out who topped the poll, shall we?

There were a couple of surprises when the results came in. It was Arlene Philips who came in at third place. She got 58% of the poll. The second place was bagged by Fiona Bruce with a Minxy Bingo rating of 59%. However, the new Number One Secret Minxy, the Queen Minx of all, who garnered 62% of the poll, was none other than Lorraine Kelly. She is now the Number 1 Secret Minx. Someone from Minxy Bingo regarded that Lorraine Kelly took the number 1 spot because the British women see her as a role model. Her hard work and talent have given her a celebrity image being admired by the women in the UK. Yet aside from all her accomplishments, she’s still able to maintain her cheeky, fun, and sexy side.

Aside from the secret Minx, they also asked about the conventional Minx list having a more typical selection of celebrities. The first place at 67% was taken by Cheryl Cole. But Beyonce Knowles came in very close at 66%. It was Kylie who again came in close at third place with a “minxiness” rating of 65%.


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