The Power of Advertising

The Power of Advertising

Written by: ava carson on 29/10/2011 15:35
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Advertising is a communication tactic used to draw us in to take some action with regard to products, ideas, or services. Commercial advertisers, in this case Bingo Sites, want us to play, play, play and play some more. With the use of advertising, we identify them as a brand. We all know the dapper fox at Foxy Bingo and the quirky queen at Jackpotjoy Bingo. Does the site’s mascot have any effect on your decision to play there?

The Summer introduction of Bubbles at Sun Bingo has increased exposure to their site. With laptop computers we can see an advert from the comfort of the couch and immediately check out a bingo site. The better the advert, the more likely we are to explore the site. Some of the cleverest adverts are from the top sites in the industry.

Are the gambling adverts getting to be too much? If you didn’t see it advertised on television, how would you know where to play? Are you put off by the frequent adverts and sponsorship of our favorite programs?

Some may say that this constant reminder on television adverts and billboards contribute to the growing number of problem gamblers in the UK. Online gambling has hit the airwaves and is here to stay. Is it a good thing? You decide.

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