The Patterns are Endless

The Patterns are Endless

Written by: ava carson on 25/11/2011 16:55

Sometimes we bingo players crave something unique and different. With 90 ball bingo, we know what to expect with the line, double line and full house. Where can we get a little variety? 75 ball bingo is the place to be. The patterns are endless and add some excitement to the game.

A common pattern is the “picture frame”. This simply means that you must fill in all numbers bordering a card. It’s that simple, or is it? Some of these patterns are difficult. Among one of the some of the toughest are the tree, turtle and heart. Let’s not forget about the infamous white diamond pattern. This is a pattern made from twelve squares or three in each corner of a card.

Nearly every letter in the alphabet has also been used for a patter. It seems that the patterns with the fewest squares required are the most challenging to complete. When playing online bingo, the auto dabber is a must with these patterns. Staring at the cards trying to envision the pattern could take quite some time but would be worthy of capturing on camera for a laugh.

With Christmas approaching, a bit of the holiday spirit is breathed into our favourite game with festive patterns. Variety is the spice of life and many bingo sites are giving their bingo rooms a holiday makeover so be on the lookout for seasonal patterns such as the Christmas tree, star, candle and turkey.

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