The New Moon Bingo For Free Games and Great Anticipation

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/11/2009 18:44

There is great anticipation at the New Moon Bingo site, every day brings us another day closer to the magnificent Super Millionaire game that is due to take place on the 30th November. If you are planning to buy some tickets into this game (and you should), make sure you get as many as you possibly can. A pre-purchase feature is available, so you can even start buying them now.

There has never been a prize of this magnitude available at any online bingo site in the world, and it offers more than one chance of becoming a millionaire, because it is a coverall game. This means that as the number of balls called increases, the winning amount drops, but if the £10 mil isn’t won, there is still a chance to win £2.5 million and as the game continues, still some life changing amounts of money. It all just depends on whether you have the right numbers on your bingo tickets!

Members of the old Moon Bingo can still play at this site if they want to, but who would want to when you see all the great games available at the news site. In terms of free bingo games Moon is giving some of the popular free bingo sites a run for their money. Funded players can play free games every day of the week and the 6 hour free bingo room has funded jackpot prizes of a guaranteed £25 on offer. It is no wonder these rooms are jam packed! But no matter how many players flock to these rooms, remember it is online bingo and there is always room for another member.

Playing free bingo games with real cash prize on offer is a brilliant way to stash up a bit of extra cash for Christmas spending. Even if you only spend it on games at the new Moon Bingo, you will have more in your budget to play in the big money games.

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