The Lyric Club Another Bingo Hall Closes Its Doors

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/08/2010 12:55

The Lyric Club in Wellingborough is the latest bingo hall to close its doors following a long line of such closures across the country in recent years. The economic downturn and the proliferation of Internet based bingo sites and gaming sits has made it more and more difficult for even the most established of bingo halls to continue their operations.

Online bingo sites make economic and financial sense to companies. There’s less overheads and numerous bingo gaming platforms that can be used to offer online bingo gaming. In contrast, bingo halls require a lot of upkeep and this typically means that the bingo halls are unable to keep up with the offers, promotions, and jackpots offered by online sites. This reduced prize money and the convenience of being able to play online bingo from wherever you want and whenever you want has seen more and more bingo halls close their doors.

When talking about bingo halls and the struggles they face, it’s also necessary to bring the government and even banks into the equation. Bingo halls are faced with what they believe to be an unfair tax; a tax which is, in fact, higher than paid by online bingo sites. This is one of the reasons cited by the Lyric Club when they announced their closure.

The club also mentioned banks, which may refer to the fact that in the current economic climate, lenders and financial institutions are seemingly unwilling to lend money to virtually any business including bingo halls. This makes it difficult for places like Lyric Hall to be able to raise the finance they need to promote or improve the bingo hall.

A sad farewell to yet another bingo hall.

Has your local bingo hall closed?

Do you play offline as well as online?

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