The Jackpot That Keeps On Giving At Tidy Bingo

The Jackpot That Keeps On Giving At Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 21/09/2014 14:05
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It seems that good things are happening down at Tidy Bingo this month as they are very proud to announce not one, but two winners of their very own exclusive progressive jackpot in the same night! This was quickly followed by another win just a week later meaning that since it was introduced to the site in May there have been five winners, three of which have been this month!

With no winners at all over the last couple of months, it seemed that a bit of luck was shining down on the Tidy players as two of them both walked away with a ‘Tidy’ little sum on 2nd September and the third took a win to the bank of the 16th.

Being exclusive to Tidy Bingo, players in the Tidy Cupboard have more of a chance of winning as they are not competing against all the other players across the network, this increases the excitement in the room.

For the two lucky winners at the beginning of the month their excitement levels must have gone through the roof as they waited with baited breath for that final number to be called. The first winner in this double whammy called bingo on the number 72 in just 38 calls, which saw her walk away with a very nice sum of £92. This was the highest amount to be won on the site’s progressive jackpot to date. ‘billy0mates’ planned to use the money of a holiday due to start just a couple of weeks after her win. Shortly after, the second winner of the night called bingo on the number 24 in just 43 calls, she happily took home £77. This was a welcome cash injection for ‘tickleme’ who had recently given birth to her second daughter.

On 16th September at 8.05pm the fifth progressive winner was found when ‘tytyj’ spent just 60p on tickets and called bingo in 42 calls on the number 82 to win a jackpot of nearly £79!

Why not check out Tidy Bingo for yourself, and see if lady luck can shine down on you and make you the next progressive jackpot winner at the site.

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