The Diary of a Bingo Player

The Diary of a Bingo Player

Written by: ava carson on 11/06/2012 10:20
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Bingo is one of Julie’s favorite pastimes. As a mother and a wife she manages to find time for herself and play online bingo.

Here are some passages from her diary talking about playing at Gala Bingo:

Monday, 1.00pm

Had such a laugh with the girls last night at Kate’s. For just a few hours I didn’t have to worry about making sure the washing was done or getting stuck in a traffic jam in town while driving the kids to school! I told Sasha all about the bingo site I’ve been playing on; she loves the sound of it – and I’ll get £20 to play with if she mentions me when she signs up!

Got up a little bit late today – no more wine on a school-night! Ian said he’d take the kids today, so all I had to do was make sure the kids got the packed lunches they wanted; Robert’s is marge but no crusts, and Ella’s is no marge but crusts – maybe I’ll write their names on their tupperware so they know to pick up the right one next time.

Once they were all safely away I made myself a brew and settled down in front of the TV – that ironing pile looked too big for little me to tackle just yet, so I had a quick go on the Gala site. No joy this time but I was definitely sweating on a number more than once!

Tuesday, 7.00pm

So proud of my Robert – he’s been picked to play football for the school team! Going to take him out of school tomorrow afternoon – with Mrs. Roach’s permission of course! - so we can buy him some new boots. Looks like I’ll have to miss the weekly game with the girls online, but Philippa’s always on about setting a new time anyway so maybe I can have a quick ring around and see if we can move it back a couple of hours. Robert’s first team practice is after school on Thursday – it’s been chucking it down all week, am dreading trying to get the mud out of his school kit!

Had another go at the BOGOF games today – no, that’s not swearing, it’s Buy One Get One Free! Am well pleased with my winnings today – barely cost me a thing to play twice as much with the free tickets.

Friday, 9.00pm

Robert scored the winning goal today! Ella cheered her little heart out while Ian jumped up and down like he’d won the World Cup! We’re all so proud – and those boots make him look like a little superstar too. I didn’t fancy spending the extra money on them but I’m on a bit of a streak at the bingo this week!

I got talking to one of the other mums today and she wants to know all about the bingo – I’ve given her my email address and told her to join me and the girls in the chatroom tonight. Just about to log on now – wish me luck!

Thanks for sharing Julie!

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