The Chancellor Gets a Cold Reception at Bingo

The Chancellor Gets a Cold Reception at Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 26/03/2014 08:15

Just the opposite reaction of what one might think when George Osborne attended a Bingo hall after reducing Bingo tax in half. He was promoting his new budget which cut tax on the game from 20% to 10%.

After 30 minutes of visiting Castle Bingo in Cardiff players showed their true feelings of anger when claims that he was “patronizing” voters in a dreadful Tory advert last week claiming the cuts to beer and bingo tax were are what hardworking people wanted.

Osborne happily posed for the camera but patrons at the hall were not smiling. One player Margaret Jones, 77, who had been going to Castle Bingo for 15 years commented: “I don’t really know why he’s here. I don’t think he understands our lives and how we live.”

Terry Smith, 64 spouted: “It’s just a PR stunt. I have always voted Labour. The Tories don’t care about workers.”

While Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith said: “He’s got a cheek coming to Wales to patronise us with more of this nonsense about beer and bingo. Wales has been hit harder by the Tories than any part of Britain.”

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