The Bingon World Cup – are you ready?

Written by: Jeannie on 08/06/2010 20:00
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Bingon is holding its own World Cup tournament, where it’s bingo talent and lots of luck that matters more than football ability! You’ll still need some good ball skills though, but its bingo balls you’ll be counting on!

The Bingon World Cup extravaganza runs throughout the whole of June, during which there’s a total of 25,000 bingo points to be won! You can play every day between 8pm and 10pm in the 90-Ball Bingo Room, collecting points and then cashing them in for stunningly good prizes!

How to play

At the start of each game, pick out two lucky numbers and let the Chat Host know what they are. Then, when they come out, simply type the word GOAL into chat and claim some lovely points!


At the end of each game, the 1st prize winner will get 150 points, 2nd will win 100 points and 3rd place will 50 points. These points get you on the Bingon World Cup leaderboard, where you can win daily and weekly prizes.

Be at the top every day to win:

• 1st prize - £15
• 2nd prize - £10

As if these weren’t good enough, weekly winners will get:

• 1st prize – 25,000 points
• 2nd prize – 15,000 points
• 3rd prize – 10,000 points

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