The Bingo Magix PJP is back!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/03/2010 21:00

Bingo Magix have finally given in to constant demands from eager-beaver online bingo fans and brought back their amazing Progressive Jackpot Prizes (PJP) promotion! This is an extremely exciting special, running throughout the whole of March, with a whole bundle of free cash up for grabs!

What is a progressive jackpot?
Progressive jackpot events are occasionally offered by online bingo sites as a way of adding an extra thrill to online bingo games. This thrill and excitement comes from the fact that the jackpot on offer grows by a certain amount every single day that nobody wins it. Similar to a rollover in the lottery; the longer it goes on, the bigger the cash prize becomes!

In the Bingo Magix PJP the jackpot starts at a massive £250, so pound signs should be flashing before your eyes even before you play. All you have to do to get involved and possibly get your hands on the cash is to sign up at Bingo Magix (if you haven’t done so already) and head over to the ever-popular 90-Ball room, where the PJP games take place.

The jackpot will increase every day until it is won, and someone will win it because it’s a guaranteed prize! Good luck!

Bingo Magix £15 free

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