The big Wink guaranteed jackpot just got even bigger

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 10/07/2009 08:20
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As you all know we love big online bingo jackpots here at Bingo Reviewer and as soon as we here tell of a new whopping big enormous online bingo jackpot we can’t wait to spill the beans – this time it is Wink Bingo that has a whopper! Wow, is the only word that readily springs to mind and really there just are not enough superlatives to really do Wink Bingo’s latest offering justice.

Wink Bingo have just let us into a big secret, that on September 13th the Winktastic Big O guaranteed jackpot game will be played which will make one lucky online bingo player £25,000 richer! Such a long way off we hear you shout at your PC. Aah! That is very true but with the pre purchase option at Wink Bingo you can purchase your online bingo tickets so far in advance that you don’t need to write the dat eon your calendar and then just sit back and wait for D Day or ‘O’ Day and you could be £25,000 richer!

Online bingo tickets for the Wink Bingo Big O guaranteed jackpot game will cost £1 each and although that seems a little top heavy , just look at the payout and you can see why! Because you can use the advance option you could treat yourself to £5 worth of online bingo cards for the Big O game every week or two, and because you are allowed up to a maximum of 96 bingo cards for this mega jackpot game you can have massive amounts of chances to win.

Just when you thought Wink Bingo couldn’t be any better then they are also giving Wink Bingo players the opportunity to pick up free tickets to the £25k online bingo game too!

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