The Big Link Week at Tombola Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 06/01/2010 07:14

Starting on the 4th January, lots of new games at lots of UK bingo sites will be starting, to make sure you are in with a chance to win, make sure you play at the best sites. Tombola Bingo is definitely one of the best sites in the UK, and not just because I say so, but because they have a huge membership and the growth in popularity of playing at this site tells us so. If you are keen to give them a try, join today and receive up to £25 free when you make a first deposit of between £10 and £25.

This may seem like a small amount compared to other online bingo sites in the UK, but it actually works out much better to make a small first time deposit. Why? Because the smaller the first deposit is, the faster it is to withdraw your winnings and this stands true at any bingo site. Tombola is a big winning bingo site, so the sooner you can get those winnings out the better!

Big link week starts on Monday the 4th January 2010 and they have £70 000 up for grabs in Bingo 90. This means that all the 90 ball bingo rooms link to give away £2 000 prizes and there are 35 of these to go. The games take place every half hour between 8 and 10pm and the promotion lasts till Sunday 10th January, so if you aren’t a member, can you now see the sense in joining?

You can choose from five clubs and fifteen different chat rooms to play in, and bingo tickets cost as little as 10p. You can buy a strip (6 tickets) for 50p and grab yourself a bargain too. There are three prizes in 90 ball bingo and these games are also linked th the massive Tombola PJP.

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