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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/08/2008 00:00
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There seems to be something in the air for bingo sites at the moment. Sites like the Sun Bingo website and many others are adding new features, increasing their portfolio of bingo and side games, and generally offering their players even more. While it's undoubtedly due to the continued increase in popularity of online bingo, it's certainly no cause for concern and offers you and I even greater chances to win increased prizes.

Astro Bingo is one of the most recent to make the announcement that they are changing their site and a lot of change shave already been under way. A new progressive jackpot is almost certain to get your excited if that's your kind of thing and we're guessing that huge prizes probably are your kind of thing.

As well as more games and better prizes, there's also a number of new features that have already been added and more are almost certainly on their way. One of the most intriguing new features is the Royal Roomie feature. Every week, one helpful and generally good all round bingo community members, is awarded the title of Royal Roomie. Accompanying the title is a very generous prize and online recognition.

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