The 888 Ladies BIG Bingo Winner

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/02/2010 13:02

This week the game of the year played and the biggest bingo winner ever at 888 Ladies Bingo took home a fantastic £50 000. After telling interviewers that she never wins anything, they eagerly pointed out to her that she will never be able to say those words again. She did say that the money had come at a great time as she was expecting her second baby, so more than one set of congratulations went round.

This win was the minimum prize in a £5 million coverall game and now the 888 Ladies team is busily thinking up a way to, if not beat the Golden Balls game, at least equal it.

Now all kinds of things are going on at 888 Ladies Bingo and they have reopened Champagne Time in the Gold Ladies room. As you can probably guess Gold Ladies is the VIP programme at the site, but don't you worry, it is not impossible to get in, there are loads of VIP as this site. But when you think about it, we are all very important players! They have also opened a new 75 Ball Gold Ladies, Red Ribbon, room, and they have a new CM who just started at the site.

She introduced herself to all the 888 Ladies bingo members at the blog, and you have to take your hat off to this site. They definitely keep their members informed, and anyone else who wants to see what is going on. In many of the other UK online bingo sites the forums and community is closed to non-members and I think this is bad marketing tactically; because a potential new player, doesn't really see things as they are. I certainly don't join sites which don't let you see what is going on if you are not a member, I lose interest straight away, and I never return if I can help it, not even to do a write up!

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