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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/09/2009 21:00
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Foxy Bingo is one of the most popular online bingo sites in the UK. It has been advertising a lot of great TV commercials that have stuck with the UK viewers ever since. They are even creating promotions together with the ads that they broadcast. They have been known to provide the greatest promotions in the online bingo industry in the UK.

Now, Foxy Bingo is introducing another great promotion to the world of online bingo. You can have a fun Friday with you each week as you’re done with the work week. Foxy Bingo will be celebrating with you, the end of the week with their latest promotion, “Thank Foxy it’s Friday”. What exactly is it all about? Then you should read below to know more about this promotion.

Foxy Bingo joins all of its online bingo players and fans in being grateful that it is Friday. Well, Foxy Bingo will surely attract a lot of workers out there with the latest offer. This whole month of September, Foxy Bingo is holding a weekly promotion every Friday. The “Thank Foxy it’s Friday” is giving away fun prizes from seven to eleven o’clock in the evening. You’ll be entered to a draw where you can win various prizes throughout the night. There are so many prizes up for grabs just like the CD WOW vouchers that you can use towards a CD, DVD, or books among others. CD WOW vouchers were the giveaways for the September 11 “Thank Foxy its Friday”. Let’s see what else they come up with next week for another “Thank Foxy its Friday”.

While you’re at it having fun and enjoying this night, make sure you don’t forget to participate at Foxy’s big money game. There’s a whopping ten thousand pounds being given away as their guaranteed jackpot prize.

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