Ten Day Giveaway at William Hill Bingo

Ten Day Giveaway at William Hill Bingo

Written by: kelly on 29/04/2011 18:15
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What do you think of a bingo game where everyone taking part wins money? We aren’t making it up; this is exactly what is on offer on the William Hill Bingo site.

Scoop a Great Prize Without Even Winning! 

The Ten Day Giveaway has already started and it will run until the 2nd of May on the William Hill Bingo site. Every single day until then there are fantastic £10,000 games going to take place in the site’s Community Room.

The action kicks off at 9am and the first person to claim a full house in no more than 38 numbers gets a stunning guaranteed jackpot of 5 grand. If 5pm comes and goes and the jackpot is still standing then the jackpot ball count goes up by three and keeps going up until someone wins the massive daily hand out.

Ah, but didn’t we mention something about a 10 grand game? What about the other £5,000? Well, this gets split out among all the other players who are in the game when someone scoops the jackpot. The more tickets you have in the lucky game the bigger your slice of the pie will be. 

Free Bingo, Anyone?

There is also the chance to sneak into a free £1,000 bingo room in the next week, right on up until Monday the 2nd of May.  You simpy need to spend £30 on online bingo games to get given the key to the Elite Club. In this special William Hill Bingo room there will be 10 games each day between the 3rd and 9th of May with a £100 jackpot in every one. If you want to play for even more money you can always upgrade you free tickets to Supertickets – 10p gets your prize quintupled.

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