Team Up For Girl Power at 888 Ladies Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 09/10/2009 22:02

Team Bingo started not long after playing online bingo became really popular in the UK. It started off just at a couple of sites and as the games became better known, more UK sites started offering members the chance to participate in these. They don’t cost any money to play; well no more than your normal bingo budget spend, and at the end of the month when the team winners are announced there is a lot of money at stake. So much money that winning it could fund your budget for team bingo playing for the next month; its like winning free bingo.

With £3 000 (3 000 000 LP’s) up for grabs at 888 Ladies, it is no wonder they have so many bingo teams registered. All in all I counted 240 different teams, with an average of say 4 members per team; that makes approximately 960 member of this site who participate in team games. I would say that is a pretty big following.

Girl power at this site really means something, doesn’t it? I really enjoyed reading through the names that teams have come up with too; some of them are really innovative. The top team at the moment, according to the leader board is; “nannysarmy” and this team consist of one of the members who won one of the prizes of the two tickets on the Mexican Riviera Bingo cruise.

The team in second place is the “LADYBIRDS” and one team member is also a winner of this prize. So you can see that the top prizes definitely go to the top players, it is no wonder they keep playing at 888 Ladies Bingo if you take a look at the prizes they are winning. Other team name like “the pink knicker wavers”, the “mad dabbers”, “the 3 floosy muskateers”, “who cares wins”, and the “888 happy slappers” really tickled me. They are very innovative in the naming of their teams and you can see they have fun.

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