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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/08/2008 04:00
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Team bingo offers yet another way for bingo players to win bigger jackpots and in a lot of cases it isn't even necessary to spend any extra money, although in order to stand a greater chance of winning and to help boost your overall team score the choice is yours whether you buy a few extra tickets or take part in a couple of extra games.

Some sites offer regular team bingo competitions with weekly or monthly prizes while other sites like Gone Bingo offer huge jackpots for one off tournaments. Either way, the actual rules of play are fairly similar. Players score points for their team by getting a bingo during allotted games. The teams that rack up the most points in the given time period are the winner.

Team bingo prizes are usually bonus pounds although some cash competitions do exist. Bonus bingo pounds can be redeemed for more bingo tickets although some sites also offer the opportunity to redeem points for branded products and the such.

The Gone Bingo competition is being run this coming weekend and is offering 4 teams of twenty people the opportunity to battle it out for a combined £3,000 in prize money for the top two teams.

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