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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/08/2010 09:15
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Tasty bingo have come up with a new type of game that give players the chance to take a share of some huge bonus points prize pots that can be used to play bingo at the site. The new team bingo feature may not be new to many of our readers but will nevertheless interest all current and new players of tasty bingo as it adds a fun twist to your bingo experience on the site.

Team Tasty bingo

When you sign up to the team bingo feature tasty bingo will put you into a random team with other bingo players. All the bingo that is played over a two week period is collated as a team to place you on a leader board, the team with the highest amount of bingos will win a share of the prize. If there happens to be a draw the winning team will be the one who has the most bingos on the T pattern.

Once the two weeks has run its course everything is reset to zero and the winners will be awarded their prizes. The team is disbanded and you are randomly allocated a new set of team mates so the whole process can start again. It’s all very simple really, you basically play bingo like normal and then after two weeks if your team wins you get a nice bonus.

What do the teams win?

1st place: share of 60,000bps (15,000bps each)
2nd place: share of 50,000bps (12,500bps each)
3rd place: share of 25,000bps (6,250bps each)
4th place: share of 20,000bps (5,000bps each)
5th – 10th places: share of 6,000bps (1,500bps each)

The leader board can be seen on the team bingo page at Tasty Bingo. All of this gives players one more reason to play at a bingo site that is already great.


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