Tea and Bingo: Top of the Trivia Pops

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/02/2010 11:16

If you love trivia games, quizzes and karaoke related fun, you will love playing at Tea and Bingo, because all week long they have a ton of these games on offer, and you can win cash for playing. If you are top of the pops with music trivia and you can sing while you win, play from 9 to 11pm in the Frog and Crown every night. See if it is your time to shine in their very own Karaoke night which plays from Sunday to Thursday.

These musical games include Anagramaphone, Karaoke Queens, Battle of the Bingo Players and more. Then on Friday and Saturday the pub Quiz plays, and you will need your thinking cap for these trivia games. Answer correctly and win a pound in bonus money; use this to pay for your bingo cards and it's like free bingo!

Speaking of trivia, her is a bit of useless information for you courtesy of Tea and Bingo. After the Brit awards on Wednesday, when Mel B and Gerri Halliwell got the gong for " Who Do You Think You Are?", it reminded someone of her infamous Union Jack dress. Do you remember it? Apparently she was handy with a needle and cotton and she made it out of an old tea towel. I don't know, I have had a look at it and I would say that tea towels don't come in stretch fabric, what do you think?

For some real bargain bingo games at Tea and Bingo and to celebrate our love of sweet treats, Penny Pick n' Mix plays between 12 and 3pm every day. Buy your bingo tickets for pennies in games which feature 1p, 2p and 3p tickets. Buying these is a brilliant way to turn your pennies into pounds, so get out your penny purse and do something useful with all those coppers you have been collecting. The Bing-O-Rama room also features penny games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 11am and midday.

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