Tea and Bingo - Alice Brews Up a Storm in a Teacup

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 07/03/2010 10:53

According to Tea and Bingo, the fans of Tim Burtons fabulous new movie starring Johnny Depp - Alice In Wonderland, has created a stir amongst the British tea loving public. Tea party themed events look as though they will take off big time and both Wedgewood and Undergrowth Design are already producing "Alice" themed crockery for people to enjoy their favorite brew. Cute cups with legs in stilettos for handles, cake plates engraved with "eat me" as well as Queen of Heart's themes are already taking the shops by storm.

Once again it looks as though the revered Tim Burton has caused the proverbial storm in a teacup for British retailers with his new film, but let's see what is happening at Tea and bingo shall we?

Sticking to this theme and the fact that Tea and Bingo is now hosting a themed event every Friday night, next Friday the 12th March will be themed on Alice in Wonderland - Surprise, Surprise!! Make a note to join in the fun and games at 9pm they will be giving away some great prizes and lots of free bingo bonuses too. And for more free bingo, be sure to refer your friends, they like bingo too and there is nothing better than having all your friends to play bingo with you. Tea and Bingo will give you a fantastic free fiver for every friend you refer successfully, so start counting your friends and get them invited. You will soon see the free bingo money come pouring in. All they have to do, just like you, is make a deposit of £10 when they register.

In the meantime join in as much of the free fun and games at this site as you can, and if you want your fortune told to see if you will be a winner, consult with Madam. T. Bags first. She will read your tea leaves and see what the future holds. Have fun!

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