Tasty Bingo Coupon Codes and the Chance to win some Hunter Fluoro Wellies

Tasty Bingo Coupon Codes and the Chance to win some Hunter Fluoro Wellies

Written by: Jeannie on 17/07/2011 16:00
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 Sugar, we all know it’s bad for us but simply can’t resist it. Thankfully Tasty bingo is using this to their players advantage this weekend because players can boost their deposits with a time sensitive coupon code. They are also giving players the chance to win some bang on trend Hunter Fluoro Wellies - ideal for festival season.


Coupon codes

To claim an additional 82% (don’t ask us why it’s 82%) on deposits between £10 and £100 simply enter the coupon code ‘SUGAR2’ before depositing. This code can be used once either on Sunday 17th or Monday 18th July, we told you sugar could be a benefit to you :-).

The coupon code is probably ideal for current players but newbies needn’t worry because they can take advantage of a 200% sign up offer and a free gift after depositing £30. You can select from wine, chocolates or an additional £10 in your bingo account.

Festival Fever

This weekends Chef’s Special is entitled Festival Fever because the player who wagers the most on the Frolickin’ Frogs instant scratch game will win themselves a pair of Hunter Fluoro Wellies.

These pink beauties retail for an impressive £85 and are the most fashionable way to wade through ankle deep mud at festivals this summer. They come complete with a multi-layered insole, designed by Hunter to make wearing as comfortable as possible. If pink really isn’t your colour they are also available in vibrant green or orange!


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