Tasty Bingo £2k Trolley Dash - Collect Your Tokens Now

Tasty Bingo £2k Trolley Dash - Collect Your Tokens Now

Written by: Jeannie on 29/05/2011 16:30
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Haven’t you always wanted to go mad in the supermarket and scoot around throwing things in your trolley? Ah ok, so it’s just us then? Anyway, the Tasty Bingo £2k Trolley Dash competition is going to give us a great opportunity to splash out at the supermarket.

Go Shopping Crazy

The game takes place on the Tasty Bingo site at 9.45pm on Saturday the 2nd of July. If you get the full house then a whopping £1000 of supermarket vouchers will wing their way to you faster than you can see “a six pack of cola and a big sugary doughnut please”.

If you get 2 lines then you get £600, and even 1 little old line gets you £400 to splash out on tomato ketchup and fish fingers.

The Trolley Dash costs a pound to enter and you can pre buy your tickets now. However, we recommend that you don’t buy any. What? Its ok, we only say that because it would be much better to win some free tickets, wouldn’t it be?

How to Enter For Free

To get a free stab at the game you need to collect 500 Trolley Points. And how do we get these points? Wager £20 on instant games and you get 2. Wager a pound on bingo and you get 5 of the little blighters.

Bingo on the Shopping Cart pattern and you get 10. If you want to boost your Trolley Points total easily then send an email to the people at Tasty Bingo telling them what you would put in your trolley and why. This gets you 250 points and therefore halfway to a free ticket.


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