Take a look at the success of William Hill Bingo in just one year

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/03/2009 17:05
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In just one year, William Hill Bingo is said to have almost doubled, with a reported growth of 169%. That is such an amazing figure if you’ll ask any online bingo expert or enthusiast. William Hill Bingo is one of the most competitive online bingo sites in the UK today. Let’s find out what’s making William Hill Bingo a top online bingo sensation below.

If we’re talking about the Academy Awards, we’ll probably give William Hill Bingo the Best Picture award or if it were an actress, she should probably get the Best Actress award. After all, it was the 2008’s star performer in the world of online bingo. With such a high increase in growth, no one would debate on why it’s getting all the attention these days. What William Hill Bingo experienced last year was such an amazing achievement. The online bingo site saw an explosive growth. And they say that their television campaign helped them boost their popularity and sales. Aside from that, they have conducted extensive advertising of their online bingo site at the betting shops owned by the group. That’s a great way to make sure people notice you and people begin to appreciate the hard work that William Hill Bingo has put into the site and into their company.

William Hill Bingo is among those select few online bingo sites as well as among the few companies who saw an increase in overall revenues in 2008. If other companies and other small online bingo sites weren’t able to earn last year, perhaps due to the recession, it was different for William Hill. William Hill Bingo has defied the tough economy with an increase of 13% in the total profits. They earned more than eighty million pounds in the year 2008. Note however that their online poker games were down by twenty one percent but an increase by six percent was seen in their online sports betting.

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